Transformation: Taking Back our Power from People and Parasites

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Let’s begin by exploring the question: What is a parasite? Merriam-Webster’s Collegiate Dictionary defines a parasite as:

  1. A person who exploits the hospitality of the rich and earns wel­come by flattery.
  2. An organism living in, with, or on another organism as in parasitism.
  3. Something that resembles a biological parasite in dependence on something else for existence or support without making a useful or adequate return.

If we look at parasites objectively, we see that they suck or feed on others for their nourishment. Parasites increase their life force by draining energy from their host.

Here are a few important questions to consider:

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Is there anyone or anything in my life that is draining my energy? If so, why am I allowing it?

Is there anyone that I am draining or “feeding on”?

On an even more subtle level you can inquire,

What parasitic thoughts are going through my mind toward other people?

We might then say that through draining another person’s energy or allowing our energy to be drained, we are giving away our power. In a sense, we are either parasitizing someone, or being parasitized. We have common sayings that imply these parasitic relations, such as calling someone a leech, an energy vampire, or a hungry ghost.

I want to avoid any self-blame around being sick with Lyme disease or parasites. It would be a fallacy to say that everyone who has parasites has these issues. As a medical intuitive once said to me, “Sometimes peo­ple go to Mexico and eat bad food, and it gives them parasites, plain and simple.” That is what happened to me, but because of deeper underlying immune system issues, it has taken me years to clear them.

Some people get parasites in their travels and clear them quickly. It could be because they are not dealing with deeper issues that support parasitism and they have strong immune systems. However, if you have chronic parasites, you may need to look at underlying energetic problems contributing to a compromised immune system as well as seeking medical or physical treatment.

Cording and Attachment

As children, we depend on love and connection from our parents to both survive and grow. We start with a physical umbilical cord connecting us to our mother in the womb and continue that energetic bonding or cording as a baby to survive.

Through the natural growth cycles of infancy to childhood to adulthood, we learn to take care of ourselves more and more. Through self-sufficiency, we become less dependent on our parents; the cords of our earlier years are no lon­ger needed, and those attachments fall away. It is a natural part of our life cycle as humans, which serves us well when it plays out healthily.

However, emotional and physical trauma or wounding can cause these attachments or cords to never form, be prematurely cut, or remain when they need to fall away. It may be fruitful for you to ask yourself the following questions:

Is there any way that I am still cording or look­ing to others (parents, partners, children, the rich) for nourishment, sustenance, and survival?

Is there anyone that is cording me or draining my energy? If so, why do I allow it?

These are important questions to ask yourself to clear parasites on an energetic level.

When I feel into the underlying source of my tendency to cord or attach to others, it comes from a place of anxiety, fear, guilt, and survival. When we are in survival mode, we may cling to others energetically or financially if we are unable to stand on our own feet. Basic, instinc­tual feelings and unconscious thoughts may arise, such as someone save me!

The hungry ghost is a concept in Chinese Buddhism that describes someone who has intense emotional needs and is desperate to be fed or saved. The potential host of a hungry ghost may experience a tightening or uncomfortable feeling in the solar plexus. I believe this is the body’s way of saying “a hungry ghost wants in” or “beware.”

On the other hand, perhaps we are the hungry ghost looking to survive. These thoughts and feelings may be subconscious, but they can be impactful in the ways they are played out. If Mommy or Daddy isn’t or wasn’t available, perhaps we will try to substitute with a lover or friend who can provide a temporary feeling of safety and nourishment. Ultimately though, this replacement will not satisfy the real need.

Ask yourself:

How is it that I may be sabotaging my power to get love?

Why does it feel easier to give me away than to keep the precious­ness of my vital life force inside?

The content may vary from person to person, but it is important to be curious and ask yourself these crucial questions. To heal from Lyme disease and parasites, we need all our energy for healing, and our immune systems need to be supported 100 percent.

We have an in-depth opportunity to turn our awareness in, recog­nize these patterns, and begin to transform. It may take some time, but if you stick with it and continue working on being accountable, you will see yourself changing.

The first step is recognizing that we may be looking for a man, woman, or thing to save us. Or perhaps it’s a pill, a belief system, or something else. If we can take responsibility, it becomes an opportunity for healing, and not blame. Ask yourself, Is it possible to survive without these attachments? What if, instead, we corded Earth, corded our wiser selves, or corded our relationship with the Divine and our own heart?

Consider that a healthy relationship may not need parasitic cords. The way to heal these deep childhood wounds is to show up for ourselves in the present time and use the resources that we have as adults to begin to recognize and change unhealthy patterns. If this resonates with you, it may be fruitful to find a specialist or therapist or healer who can help you move through this. Perhaps none of this applies to you, and we can move on, but it’s important to check this box as we go through our healing checklist.

Of course, when we are ill from Lyme disease and parasites, we abso­lutely may need the help of others. But there is an important difference between receiving support and plugging into or draining others. As we begin to heal, we begin to find the leaks within our bodies and take back our power.


Here’s something that might not be easy to hear: I believe we can also form cords with people we dislike or judge by unconsciously focus­ing our energy on them in a negative way. As far as we know, when we judge someone, it is often the very thing we need to work on in ourselves.

The Bible says, “And why beholdest thou the mote that is in thy brother’s eye, but considerest not the beam that is in thine own eye?” (Matthew 7: 3–5, King James Version) When you catch yourself think­ing about another person in an inharmonious way, ground those thoughts into the earth and call your energy back from the connection.

Out of love or fear, intense thoughts and feelings can connect us to others in a way that doesn’t always serve us. In moments when you feel triggered by another person, control your breath and tighten and center in your solar plexus, the part of your belly between the belly button and rib cage. Notice how centering in your solar plexus can control the feelings. Then you can take responsibility for what may be coming up to examine.

Forgiveness is at the Heart of Self-love

Forgiveness is like a path through the forest. Keep walking that path. I believe there is a magnificent light that dwells inside your being, and that is you. That is who you truly are, so begin by turning your love toward that by being affectionate to your heart and your divinity. You are going to be with you forever. By genuinely loving ourselves, we can begin to unconditionally forgive the past and start healthily loving oth­ers in the present. In my experience, we can’t force forgiveness, but if we keep working with forgiveness as a practice, the fruit may ripen quicker, and fall off when ready. Letting go takes time.

Consider turning to Mother Earth when you feel that tendency to cord another person out of fear or survival. See what happens when you ground into and cord to Earth herself. She is truly our mother and why we exist as physical beings. Are not all material items initially from Earth? Is it not Earth that provides for us? I believe She is capable of holding and transmuting significant energies.

Parasite Healing and Transformation

I believe that both Lyme disease and parasites are teaching us to love ourselves, claim our power, toughen up, and strengthen our boundaries on all levels.

My experience of the way out energetically is:

  • Love and forgive yourself.
  • See your part in a situation and ask for forgiveness.
  • Forgive others.
  • Recognize and clear parasitic (survival) relations with others.
  • Be clean in surroundings and thoughts; cut the cords.
  • Recognize the faulty beliefs and actions and begin to repattern the behaviors.
  • Transmute or transform the disease with love.
  • Burn it out or liberate it with fire.

After one has worked with clearing on an energetic level, then we can proceed to the physical treatment with remedial agents for parasites. But I believe that, unless a person gets in touch with the underlying energetic issues, all the pills in the world may not help.

Living with Parasites

We in the Western world are very focused on cleanliness and the eradication of parasites and bugs from our bodies for good reasons. But what if there was homeostasis? A natural balance? What if it is impossible to get rid of every last one and is doing so even necessary? What if they help us in other ways?

I am reminded of a compost pile, with a vast array of micro­organisms and enzymes that keep each other in check, never letting one bug get out of control. Studies show that a healthy immune system can keep parasites and Lyme disease in check. So, then we are back to the questions:

What is dampening the immune system?

What is keeping our immune system from overcoming chronic disease and restoring bal­ance?

I encourage you to look beneath the surface to discover the under­lying reasons why parasites may be there.

How are you parasitic? Who in your life is parasitizing you?

It can be tough to face this journey, so keep loving yourself while you embark on a treatment plan. The liver and gallbladder can hold unresolved issues like bitterness, anger, and rage, so it is essential to let go of these old emotions. Then you can focus on the herbal or pharmaceutical medicines to clear the physical presence of the parasites.

If you are healthy, feel good in your body, and have low levels of parasites or Lyme disease, you may have a strong immune system keeping parasites in check. Either way, consider focus­ing on promoting a healthy ecology in your body, rather than killing every last “bad bug.”

 © 2021 by Vir McCoy and Kara Zahl
Healing Arts Press. Reprinted with permission
from the publisher Inner Traditions International.

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Liberating Yourself from Lyme: An Integrative and Intuitive Guide to Healing Lyme Disease  (Updated Edition of Liberating Lyme) by Vir McCoy and Kara ZahlLiberating Yourself from Lyme: An Integrative and Intuitive Guide to Healing Lyme Disease
(Updated Edition of Liberating Lyme)
by Vir McCoy and Kara Zahl

In this medical intuitive approach to Lyme, the authors share their personal Lyme journeys and their integrative healing protocol that bridges the scientific and the spiritual. They explore the peculiarities of Lyme disease, including how Lyme is often misdiagnosed, giving it time to establish itself deep within the body’s organs and nervous system, and examine in detail new and standard remedies, with thorough scientific references.

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Vir McCoyAbout the Authorszahl kara

Vir McCoy is a teacher, healer, author, lecturer, musician, and ecologist who works both as a bodywork healer and as a field biologist and botanist focusing on endangered species.

Kara Zahl is a healing arts practitioner, yoga instructor, and intuitive counselor with a bodywork practice combining massage and energy work modalities.


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