Cancer Meditation and Cancer Medication: A Powerful Combination

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Each cell has its own biological clock that controls its individual rate of repair, replication, and death. For example, skin cells live for about a month; red blood cells live for about four months; and nerve cells live for decades, if not your entire life.

Cancer cells are part of your body. At one time, they functioned perfectly well as a normal part of your breast, lung, pancreas, prostate, skin, or other tissue. For mostly unknown causes, a cell of any tissue type may divide too fast and at random, resulting in a tumor.

An enzyme called p53 has the enormous job of regulating the timetable for cell division in normal cells. If a cell goes berserk and does not conform to the timetable, p53 first locks onto the DNA and re-regulates the cell. If that does not work, the cell will die.

Cancer cells lack p53 enzymes.

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Bridge to Healing

Healing meditations for cancer derive from two types of information: (1) cancer cells are out of balance with the body and (2) cancer cells lack a crucial regulatory enzyme.

This exercise reaffirms cell balance:

1. Address the renegade parts of yourself, embracing them with your heart energy, emotions, and inner vision.

2. Send thoughts of conscious recognition and connection to the renegade cancer cells. Require that these cells either recycle (as in die) for the higher good of the whole body or return to the proper division rate for their tissue type. Tell all of your metastasized cells, “Recycle. Your molecules are needed for life to continue.”

3. Accompany your in-breath with the thought “Balance” and your out-breath with “Harmony.” Send this message for ten cycles to both your cancerous cells and your normal cells.

4. Genetic codes in the DNA of your cells retain the information to synthesize p53 for proper cell growth rates. Visualize a wave of energy moving from the top of your head throughout your body. Call forth the production of p53 once again in every cell. Enlist your p53 to work effectively and normally within its particular role for maintaining cell health in all tissues and organs.

5. Ask the nanotubes to network with all cells and transmit packets of information needed to synthesize their own p53.

Adapting Healing Meditations

Cancer is a complicated disease, and the method of using healing meditations for cell balance and the re-establishment of regulatory enzymes needs to be adapted to each individual’s particular circumstances and personality. The following stories illustrate different ways of working with the basic principles described above.

Cindy was at the top of her game: a university professor, world traveler, and successful in everything she chose to do. To her dismay, she discovered a lump in her left breast. Tests confirmed there was a lump the size of an egg yolk high in the upper left quadrant of her left breast.

We had time for only one session before her biopsy. During that session we talked about bringing her body back into balance and harmony. We asked the cancer cells to recycle by dissolving and to consolidate in one place where it would be easy for the surgeon to remove them. The biopsy day arrived, and Cindy handled the procedure easily using her new tools of calming meditation and visualization.

The surgeon was quite surprised. The tumor was now the size of a pea, much smaller than measured previously. The margins were clean and there was no indication of any involvement beyond the pea-sized tissue she had removed during the biopsy. The only conclusion the surgeon could draw was that the original ultrasound was inaccurate.

Cindy, her family, and I celebrated her excellent prognosis, and we left the surprise and confusion about original tumor size at the doctor’s office along with her medical chart. What mattered was her health — not trying to prove that spiritual healing shrinks egg-yolk-size masses to pea-size.

• • •

Anna called me in desperation. She had returned home from the hospital and was bedridden, in pain, and totally exhausted, whereas normally she was dynamic and endlessly energetic. Ovarian cancer had struck her suddenly, and it was found to be only partially operable. She had an astonishingly aggressive tumor that had spread all over her intestinal area, attaching to the omentum (a large membrane covering the intestines). Metastases had begun to grow in her liver and spleen.

She was not strong enough to come to my office, so I arranged a time for a house call. Lying on the couch, pale but determined to survive the cancer, Anna was ready to accept any information or help I could provide. Our first session included suggestions for breathing into the pain, softening it, and breathing it out. I also encouraged her to take pain medication so she could sleep and allow her body to recover from the surgery.

Relaxation imagery helped Anna over the next week, until we met again. We talked about balance and harmony in her body and about calling forth the synthesis of p53 enzyme in every cell. She was dedicated to the practice, and refined her meditations so they worked specifically for her. Imagery is a powerful tool when it is simple and personally meaningful.

We worked with using the medications, both intravenous and oral, for her body’s highest good, while continuing to fine-tune her balance and harmony, along with p53 visualizations.

Anna’s tumor marker tests continue to show no tumor activity whatsoever, and her physician believes she will make a full recovery.

Meditation & Medicine Combined

I’ve seen many cancer patients over the years. Some did not survive their disease. Some found the combination of meditation and medicine powerfully helpful, and they continued their spiritual practice long after they regained their health and there was no sign of cancer.1

A few, along with their alternative physician, explored acupuncture, herbs, supplements, and spiritual healing. When clients combine spiritual and medical therapies, they report the best and most reliable results.

Reprinted with permission of the publisher, Beyond Words,
an imprint of Atria Book/Simon & Schuster.
©2006, 2011.

Article Source

Cell-Level Healing: The Bridge from Soul to Cell
by Joyce Whiteley Hawkes, PhD

book cover: Cell-Level Healing: The Bridge from Soul to Cell by Joyce Whiteley Hawkes, PhDIntroducing the concept of cell-level healing, the book leads the reader through exercises for health and healing. Illustrated with stories, electron microscope photography, and other inspiring pictures by the author, the book shows how simple tenets of spiritual healing can be applied to individual situations.  

Profoundly effective, yet simple to understand and use, the principles of appreciation, clearing, flow, and cell-level healing described and illustrated in Cell-Level Healing promote vibrant health. The book embarks on the premise that healing is a basic part of human nature, and provides a guide for the reader to tap their innate healing abilities.

Click here for more info and/or to order this book. Also available as a Kindle edition.

About the Author

photo of: Joyce Hawkes, PhDJoyce Hawkes, PhD, is a Fellow in the American Association for the Advancement of Science, with a long-standing career as a research cell biologist and biophysicist. After a near-death experience she embarked on an exploration of indigenous healing traditions and now teaches energy healing at the interface of science and spirit. She teaches nationally and internationally, and is the author of Cell-Level Healing: The Bridge from Soul to Cell, and Resonance: Nine Practices for Harmonious Health and Vitality. She has been a certified counselor and practicing healing facilitator for 30 years. 

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