Deepening Our Relationship with Food

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Nowadays most everyone is familiar with the unique health benefits of fruits, vegetables, protein, herbs, and spices, and their specific effects on the human organism. For example, it’s now widely known that turmeric is a powerful anti-inflammatory, that lemon supports optimal liver function, that carrots significantly improve eye health, and so on.

I have always been mindful of how certain foods stimulate my body, but as I have deepened my relationship with and understanding of food, a fascinating new layer has started to unfurl.

Quantum physics asserts that everything has a vibrational nature. Of course, this applies to the food we consume as nutrition. And each type of food, just like each person’s handwritten signature, reveals unique energetic properties that point to its nature and “personality.” This distinct vibrational nature of the different foods we eat is its energy signature.

I am a longtime student of Ayurveda as well as flower essences, plants, and esoteric aromatherapy, and so I’ve developed a good foundation for understanding the subtle body. Through this work, I was led to understand how my food cravings and aversions revealed a fascinating story of me at the most subtle level—what I refer to as my deep self.

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Changing Our States of Being with Specific Foods

I discovered that I was leveraging the world around me through the food choices I was making to construct specific states of being, both positive and negative. This is a radical concept, so allow me to elaborate.

Early in life I had a strong distaste for yellow crookneck squash. Reason told me it was because I didn’t like the texture or taste. However, as I came to understand the energy signature of food, I realized there was a more significant explanation. I don’t like structure or routine, so as that is exactly the energy that yellow crookneck squash brings, I avoided this plant altogether!

As I’ve matured and adopted a more conventional routine, I now actually crave the way it supports my productivity and organization, and so I regularly incorporate it in my diet.

 I can also reflect on a certain period in my life when I couldn’t eat enough mussels. At the time my craving was at its peak, I was struggling with clearing a deeply rooted past-life karma that was manifesting as an emotional state—in this case, anger. I couldn’t understand why this anger was coming up because I couldn’t point to anything in my life that would cause me to feel this way.

It was quite an unconscious craving for this shellfish at the time, but I now understand that the food signature of mussels acts to alleviate anger. My deep self knew the remedy I needed to help me in my time of difficulty.

Each Plant Has A Different Energy and "Voice"

Each plant, animal, legume, herb, spice, and grain has a slightly different “voice.” Some are more lyrical. Some are serious. Others are mystical. Each food has a unique way of expressing its energetic gift. Some voices will naturally resonate with you, and others you may dislike. It’s possible that only certain aspects of each energy signature will apply to you at any given time.

Remember, this is only one piece of the puzzle, as you are constantly shifting and evolving. You may crave different foods purely for their physical health benefits, and others you may choose to omit due to their unfavorable effects on your physical body or belief system.

Nature holds real magic, and not just a sleight-of-hand attempt to fool the mind. As you become more deeply aware of this magic you’ll be able to consciously work with and use the constructs of nature to bring about specific states of being.

The Magic of Nature

My own relationship with the magic of nature began with a singular prayer in my heart. Ever since I can remember, in every ritual, group activity (no matter the tradition), and prayer I have asked for one thing: that the plant kingdom teach me directly, without the middleman. I have studied many different schools of thought from many great minds and traditions concerning plants and their applications, but I wanted more.

When it finally happened, it was unexpected and I was broadsided. I was sitting on my bed reading Jane Eyre when all of a sudden, before my waking eyes, luminous yellow twin buttercup fairies about the size of my thumb appeared and laid down these words in my mind: “We are here to heal you.” They then entered my body through my chest area and I saw many interconnecting light lines in different hues against an inde­scribable background.

My awareness was enfolded in this light, what I’m guessing is my energy body, and then true bliss filled my body. I had read about the sensation of bliss, but until this moment I had never felt it personally. I can testify, it is beyond words. These miniature beings then took me from consciousness while they did their work, and just as suddenly they brought me back. The transition was more immedi­ate than waking from sleep. They then appeared before me and said that they would help me see.

As they entered my forehead, images and information rushed in. I felt deeply afraid and overwhelmed, and I told them so. They stopped and left immediately. I have wished every day since that I had been braver and allowed myself to see what would have happened.

Numinous Teaching Dreams

Years went by and my fairy friends never returned for a waking visit, though I began having numinous teaching dreams that guided every aspect of my learning and creating life. I could not wait to fall asleep each night. I was so fascinated with the change in my dreams that I started seeing a Jungian analyst who specializes in dream analysis to help me drill down into what should I do with this newfound gift.

After some soul searching I found that I wanted to collate the infor­mation I was receiving and share it with the world. Not long after, I had a dream about my grandmother that inspired me to start writing in earnest.

I was alone in my paternal grandmother’s kitchen, stand­ing in front of her stove with a pot of pumpkin soup simmering away. Suddenly, the stove gave way and opened like a doorway with stone steps that led down, down, down, into welcoming darkness. I knew from my dream that pumpkin was a way I could connect to my deceased grand­mother and start on my path of working with ancestral knowledge.

Connecting to the Energetic Beings of Nature

As I got to know the beings of the plant kingdom—through my dreaming life as well as my waking life as an aromatherapist, gardener, and cook—our relationship bloomed into a rich friendship that feels like family. One of the most dynamic ways of connecting to the ener­getic beings of nature is to actually use the plant kingdom to entrain your matter and energy to a frequency that will make it easy for them to communicate with you.

For instance, violet flower can help you connect with the fairy realm, purple plum radish supports clarity and vividness in dreams, the grain teff helps nature beings speak directly to you through symbols, and borage flower enhances your ability to have visions.

These days, when I receive information about a plant or a food, it usually bubbles up like an epiphany. Each presents differently, but I receive a strong knowing coupled with great excitement and bodily sensations. I think my fairy visitors created this way of experiencing the world for me. I am grateful to them for doing so, and grateful to be able to share this world with you. One of the goals is to develop our “sixth sense” to learn how to relate to our fellow beings (yes, vegetables are beings too!) that we take in as food as a way of under­standing our interconnectedness with Mother Nature.

You can work with food to affect your mood, your behavior, and your spirit. See which foods currently most support you, or why certain foods were meaningful to you at some point in the past. You’ll gain insight into the vibrational nature of your current diet and make any changes or adjustments to fine-tune your energetic body, removing negative energy patterns and consciously crafting a positive state for body, mind, and soul through the nutrition you take in.

As the writer Tom Robbins says, “There are only two mantras, yum and yuck.” This is obviously not strictly true, but in the context of exploring the concept I am putting forward here it’s the perfect set of mantras to help answer the question at hand.

It’s important not to get caught up in your mind, but just allow your intuition and flow, going with your first impression, your gut instinct so to speak. Select only items you get a strong charge from, either feeling drawn to or put off by. Place a plus (+) sign next to foods you feel drawn to and a minus (–) sign next to foods that are not appealing. Note that frequently a strong dislike of a food signifies an imbalance of some sort, something that you subconsciously resist changing in your life. On the other hand, foods you are drawn to eating often illuminate traits that are either very “you” or qualities your higher self wants you to cultivate.

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Vibrational Nutrition: Understanding the Energetic Signature of Foods
by Candice Covington

book cover: Vibrational Nutrition: Understanding the Energetic Signature of Foods by Candice CovingtonMost of us are familiar with the physical health benefits of fruits, vegetables, meats, herbs, and spices and their nutritional effects on the human body. But what about the vibrational benefits of foods? How does our diet affect the energy body and our emotional, mental, and spiritual states?

In this comprehensive guide to vibrational nutrition, Candice Covington explores the vibrational signatures of the foods we eat and how they help form the energetic structures that influence our behaviors and spirit. She details the energetic and spiritual qualities of more than 400 common foods, drinks, and seasonings. Offering a selection of recipes along with interpretations of their energetic stories, the author explores how to intuitively select foods and food combinations to reinforce your energy patterns, support you in any endeavor, and provide nutrition for body, mind, and spirit.

For more info and/or to order this book, click here.

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photo of Candice CovingtonCandice Covington is a certified aromatherapist, massage therapist, healing arts master, and energy worker. A former instructor at Ashmead College and former aroma­therapist for the Chopra Center, she is the founder of Divine Archetypes, an essential oil and flower essence company, and the author of Essential Oils in Spiritual Practice.

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