The Four Main Styles of Pet Communication

The Four Main Styles of Pet Communication
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Our pets are constantly interacting on the subtle level, directing data at you while picking up messages from you. Most likely, you’ve been relatively unaware of exactly how much intuitive communicating is already occurring between you and your pet. Understanding the four main intuitive groupings and the chakra gifts within them might strike a chord, help­ing you realize how communicative you and your pet already are—and can be.

The Intuitive Styles in Action

When performing pet communication, you’ll usually want to mirror your pet’s main intuitive style. They can’t easily participate in human language, so you have to use their “lingo.” To accomplish this goal, I’ll embellish each of the styles and their related chakric gifts to describe how a pet sends subtle data and how you can reply. Of course, you can reverse the process and reach out first!

Physical Intuition

In general, a physically intuitive pet will send a missive to you through the environment or straight into your body. You might touch something they’ve been holding and receive a bodily sensation or sense their physical, emotional, or mental condition as if it’s your own. Environmentally, they might knock a plant off a stand, perhaps insinuating that it needs watering or is poisonous. Specifics are as follows:

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Environmental Empathy: To send you a message, an environmentally-based pet might set a stone in your lap, act disturbed in a certain surroundings, or only be happy in a specific natural setting. To share a message with these sensitive pets, you might need to sit outside or in their natural habitat with them, join in a nature-based activity, or intentionally “beam” a message into a natural object, such as a stone or bowl of water, to transfer it into the pet. You can use the same process with any element, including water.

Remember too that a pet’s feet, or related body part, are bud chakras and part of the tenth chakra. You can stroke or hold an environmentally sensitive pet’s feet to sense their needs and send beneficial energy. My cat Johnny, after wandering outside, loved to have me hold his paws. Through them, I could sense the type of earth he had traveled upon—hills, muddy, dry, etc. Bud chakras are also found under the ear apparatus, and so, you can perform the same maneuver there.

As well, pay attention to the secondary chakra found at the tip of a pet’s tail or the equivalent. This area attunes to what’s occurring in the environment and also links to other dimensions. To sense the presence of others’ spirit, I used to watch the tip of Johnny’s tail. For instance, the spirit of my deceased father would sometimes visit me. I knew he was there because Johnny’s tail would suddenly start circling wildly. I could then hear my father’s voice in my head, but I might not have listened if Johnny hadn’t alerted me. Once, when a client entered the house, Johnny’s tail performed the same circular dance. My client explained that she’d been hearing spirits lately. Johnny’s tail had “picked up” on her invisible guides.

Physical Empathy: First chakra empaths relay information through their actions or non-actions. They might shake, rattle, and roll, making their needs and challenges apparent through physical behaviors. A fish might swim near the tank to flash an injured fin or a horse might butt into you to insist on a ride. You might also experience psychic deliveries through bodily sensations that mirror what’s occurring in your pet. A sudden ache in your fingertip might indicate that your bird’s claw is damaged. A flash of pain registering in all your fingers and toes might clue you into an impairment in your caterpillar. If your pet doesn’t want to do something? They might plop down and refuse to budge, or send psychic sensations that will cause you to become lethargic.

Usually, a physically empathic pet will want you to communi­cate physically. Stroke or hold them. Give them what they need. Feed them. Clean their habitat.

Psychically, you can formulate a physical sensation in your body and project it at the pet. The key is to sense what you want the pet to feel in your own body.

Emotional Empathy: Second chakra empaths relate through emotions. They’ll indicate what’s up by expressing feelings or sending you the psychic impression of a feeling, which you’ll feel in your body as if it’s your own. When near your frog, you might suddenly feel sad—or happy, angry, or otherwise—because the frog is emotional. To instruct an emotional pet, express your feelings or use the exercise provided in this chapter to send a psychic impression.

Mental Empathy: These third chakra pets are thinkers, but you won’t see a cartoon bubble with words above their heads. Rather, you’ll receive intuitive hunches about their thoughts, beliefs, and judgments. You’ll want to communicate to them through the “gut sense” in your solar plexus.

Spiritual Intuition

Overall, spiritual empaths communicate in high-level ways; frankly, these can be hard to recognize because the key mediums are awareness and con­sciousness. Having said that, following are clues for interacting through the five forms of spiritual intuition.

Relational Empathy: Relational pets relay their love-based and healing needs heart-to-heart. These pets will make your heart sing—or thump, sense, or emote—to share their relationship or healing needs. You’ll feel prompted to respond if you love the pet.

When generating a heart-based message for these loving pets, you’ll want to concentrate on how much you love them. Even if delivering a verbal message, pay attention to the love in your heart. For instance, I once picked up a stray for my oldest son years ago. I drove to a farm to obtain it. I was greeted by a large man. I explained that I was picking up the stray.

“Which stray?” He asked. I felt confused. “The one from last week?” I asked, puzzled.

He looked at me and yelled. “Come here, G-d dammit it!”

About forty dogs ran up to him. One was missing his hind legs. The farmer had invented a set of wheels that allowed him to run with only his front paws. My new dog appeared too. The moral? The dogs couldn’t care less about their names. They responded to the farmer’s big heart.

Spiritual Empathy: A spiritually empathic pet is motivated to teach or model spiritual principles, often indicating what is “right” or “wrong” for them or yourself. If they disapprove of what you’re doing, they’ll emanate a “sense” of wrongness. The opposite is also true; you might simply feel their approval. Typically, it’s easiest to send a spiritual message to a pet if you use your visual skills and envision the communication in a white bubble and send them the message.

Harmonic Empathy: When a pet’s energy assures you that “all is right with the world,” you’re receiving a ninth chakra message. For instance, my dog Honey frequently sits in the passenger seat of the car. When I make the correct turn, he acts content. When I make a wrong turn, he sends “vibes” that make me edgy. He does the same when I’m making a decision.

I was once going to accept a date with a person I didn’t know well. Honey was sitting near me. He “made” me feel disturbed. I decided not to go on the date. Later, I found out that this man wasn’t who he appeared to be. In fact, he used a fake name.

Want to relay a ninth chakra message to a pet? Fill your dia­phragm with your sense of harmony or disharmony in relation to a topic. Breathe that sense toward them. It’s easiest to do this if you send the perception a bubble of gold.

Force Empathy: Do strange happenings occur in the environment when you’re around your pet? Does your pet affect you supernaturally? A force-based pet can operate both ways. Perhaps they call a gale that prevents you from attending a party. Maybe you sense a force pushing you off a hiking path, only to avoid a galloping horse. Most frequently, to communicate with these types of pets, you need to employ a non-eleventh chakra gift.

Verbal Intuition

A pet’s verbal messages can be heard inside your head or through your ears. Via your physical ears, you might hear a song on the radio when thinking about your pet; the message fits perfectly. Pets can sometimes speak for themselves, too, a meaningful message wrapped within their noises. For instance, my bun­ny rabbit would hiccup when hungry, so I’d feed it. It would “bleep” a thank you. Of course, through your clairaudience, you might also hear your pet’s ver­bal audition—a bark, song, splash, or whatever—inside your head. Your inter­nal system will translate the pet’s language into your own; a spiritual guide can do the same.

Sending a verbal message to a pet employs the same protocol as receiving one. Many pets know how to interpret our words, verbal cues, or tone of voice, which means that we need to be careful about what we say and how we say it. I run my dogs at a park every morning and they know all my verbal cues, including the phrase, “Let’s go to the little section.” We usually run in the big­ger plot of the park and then move into the smaller one. However, I can also simply think the phrase “little section” and they will run to the correlated gate. Hence, if our pet is able to hear our thoughts, we can communicate through our clairaudience.

Visual Intuition

Many pets communicate through psychic pictures. Dreams especially can include images of or visitations from pets, alive or deceased, that convey infor­mation. Psychic visions might also flash into your mind, providing insight from your pet. Then again, some pets showcase their messages visually. They might point to or pick up something that’s pictorially important. Lucky, my yellow Labrador, once scooped up a photograph of a friend. I called him, only to dis­cover that he had been thinking of calling me.

One of the easiest ways to deliver a visual message to a pet is to formulate an image and psychically send it to your pet. You can also add a psychic image or a color to any other type of message, from verbal to empathic.

Mystical Intuition

Mystical pets can combine the four intuitive styles to form a collective ability. This means that the mystically intuitive pet has access to a universe of spirits. If we’ve known a pet in a past life, it’s often relatively easy for them to use their mystical qualities to communicate with us. This is because a soul-to-soul con­tact opens all the intuitive gateways.

The shoulder blades, also called the brachial or key chakra, are linked to the eighth chakra. Through this area, pets and humans can convey information to each other. By holding or stroking this region, you can receive and send intuitive data, from sensations to images.

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