How to Use Crystals and Sound to Amplify Mantras

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Mantras are frequently mentioned in crystal meditation practices because crystals can broadcast the mantra into sound waves, much like a radio signal broadcasts. Mantras are also useful tools for activating and focusing the mind.

One translation of mantra is “mind tool,” which highlights how a mantra can help focus consciousness on outer or inner objects or even upon awareness itself. Mantras are word sequences with linguistic meaning but are more importantly sound sequences vibrating structures of the physical and subtle bodies. Mantras are designed to be chanted or hummed; they are meant to be felt as much as heard.

Mantras are intended to operate beneath the surface of discursive thinking to rearrange deeper energy patterns into more positive expressions. They can release automatic responses that have created repeated but negative behaviors and outcomes. After deeper releases of emotions and energies, mantras can be combined with other self-­transformational techniques to create and integrate a new array of more positive intentions.

What Does It Mean?

The most common question about any particular mantra is: What does it mean? Many mantras originate in Sanskrit and have been used by non-Indic cultures and transliterated into spoken sounds familiar in the transplanted language. Mantra words also derive from other cultures, languages, and realms.

Usually a mantra can be translated so it has linguistic meaning. For instance, the mantra of Avalokiteshvara, Aum Mani Padme Hung! is often rendered as: “hail gem in the lotus.” This could work if you equate Aum to hail, but Aum is a very careful combination of every vowel connected in a continuous sound from the back of the throat to the front of the mouth. It has no semantic meaning, but it opens every energy channel. Hung similarly has no meaning, but it opens the heart chakra.

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Instead of speaking a mantra as an ordinary sentence, chant it as an ordered set of vibrations to clear, open, or connect energies. As mantras are repeated, the processes of clearing, opening, or connecting become strengthened and stabilized to accommodate more subtle flows of energy, information, and wisdom.

Mantras have been characterized as affirmations or prayers, and that is partly true. If we repeat thoughts often enough, they manifest in the physical world. Affirmations, however, have to first neutralize a sea of thoughts and emotions to become effective. Mantras engage surface awareness, which is the primary field where affirmations operate, but mantras can also engage unconscious, subconscious, and superconscious states of mind and work on each of these levels simultaneously.

How to Practice Mantras for Best Results

When practicing mantras, they should be pronounced and chanted as closely to the manner they have been taught as possible. If mantras were given to you as a spiritual practice, you should honor the instruction that came with the mantra. Mantras you practice that came from a guru or spiritual teacher have more power because of the added momentum of the practice of your guru and all the lineage masters in that tradition.

Usually mantra practice settles extremes of emotions and energies into even concentration, resulting in easier meditation practice with less mental effort. Mantra practice is about rhythm and flow and operates most effectively when the sound vibrations arise almost spontaneously.

As you chant in a relaxed manner, you will notice variations occur in your cadence, speed, emphasis, focus, and even pronunciation. The mantra’s resonant sound energy dynamically adjusts your state of feeling, thinking, and being moment by moment. You can also work with mantra more intentionally and experimentally.

Amplifying Mantras with Crystal Resonance

In chanting any mantra, you can feel it vibrate in and through your body. As you chant, you can choose a focal point where you will especially notice the resonant vibration acting. For instance, if you are working to balance your heart area, whether for physical health or emotional equanimity, you can place your awareness at the heart and feel the vibration there. This is a good way to heal any distresses with which you may struggle.

You can amplify the focal power of mantras through the field of your body and aura with crystals or other minerals. The technique is to physically hold a crystal at a focus spot like the crown chakra. Then feel the mantra sound vibrate both the crystal and your focus area together.

You can further intensify the mantra and crystal by choosing a crystal with qualities benefiting your physical, emotional, or mental focus. For instance, you can use rose quartz, emerald, or aquamarine when working with the heart chakra. When you work with the resonant dimensions of crystals, you amplify what crystals can accomplish as well as increase the beneficial effects upon your mind, heart, and intentions.

Meditation: Crystal Energy Sphere

Although this practice can be done alone, it is better to work with a group of people in a circle.

 1. Prepare by cleansing the space and clearing several hand-held crystal points and smaller crystal points. Other colored stones can be added into the circle grid for increased energy or to enhance a specific focus.

 2. Create a centerpiece with a crystal singing bowl or a Tibetan singing bowl. Create a circle wheel of crystals pointed outward from the centerpiece. This can be complemented with a circle of other stones in a circular array interspersed with the large crystals. Incense and/or candles can be incorporated.

 3. Place hands over the circle and pray and/or chant with the intention that the group meditation will benefit all sentient beings in the world.

 4. Invite others to sit around the crystal circle and ask participants to choose a meditation crystal from around the circle. Once everyone selects a crystal, begin leading a guided breathing meditation first by clearing and connecting with the crystal and then programming the crystal using breathwork. Use a unified intention said out loud by the meditation leader. For example, love, peace, harmony, compassion, healing, or other similar themes are beneficial to all sentient beings on Earth. Guide others to meditate with these qualities in themselves first so their minds and bodies are radiating the beneficial intention.

 5. When the crystals have been programmed with an intention, guide the group to point the crystal tips outward to the center of the circle and send waves of energy radiating with the intention to each person in the room. Then guide the group to visualize and direct intention into an imagined energy ball in the center of the room floating above the center of the circle.

 6. Guide the group to intensify the energy of the intention from their heart center, through the voice in chanting Aum or Aum Mani Padme Hung! in unison, through the quartz crystal pointed from their heart outward to the center, and into the floating sphere above the center.

 7. Continue guiding the meditation and collectively “lift” the energy orb into the sky and allow it to disperse as an intentional gift to the world. Use the resonance from crystal singing bowls or Tibetan bowls and chanting to raise the visualized crystal sphere into the sky.

 8. Guide the group to return focus slowly to the self by turning the quartz crystal in their hands upright and reground. End the meditation by slowly opening the eyes, looking into the crystal, and centering the self in gratitude. Thank everyone in the group for taking part in sending this gift to the world.

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The Chintamani Crystal Matrix: Quantum Intention and the Wish-Fulfilling Gem
by Johndennis Govert and Hapi Hara.

book cover of: The Chintamani Crystal Matrix by Johndennis Govert and Hapi Hara.The authors detail specific gems and crystal spiritual technology that can affect material reality and trigger profound spiritual growth. They provide a number of simple practices with crystal grids and meditation to help you access the chintamani matrix and become aware of the interconnected jewel net of consciousness.

Johndennis  and Hapi examine the science of intention, which provides a basis for connecting to gemstones and crystals, and share advanced meditations to realize and activate your innermost heart’s desires.

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photo of Johndennis Govert (right) and Hapi Hara (left)About the Authors

Johndennis Govertis a Zen Roshi and Tibetan Buddhist Lama, feng shui master, astrologer, shodo calligrapher, and qi gong healer. He is the author of Feng Shui: Art and Harmony of Place and REALty Feng Shui.

Hapi Hara, MA, is a crystal energy expert, crystal astrologer, Reiki practitioner, and earth energy grid researcher. In addition to crystal and energy consultations, she offers guided tours to vortex and earth energy spots.

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