Miserable, and Clueless as to Why


Miserable, and Clueless as to Why

When my burnout became apparent after being laid off, I was finally able to slow down and realize that I had been selling my soul for unending deadlines and always being the go-to person for everyone else’s needs. In the middle of it, I believed that things would get better after the deadline, after I crossed something off my list, and so on. However, the universe knew that the only way for me to see clearly was to have a long break away from the craziness. -- Laurie Line, Facebook

A friend of mine who is an obstetrician was as clueless as Laurie about why she was so out of sorts. To compound the problem, “Jenna” did what a lot of stressed-out people do: she looked for someone else to blame for her feelings. It must be her husband!

“Steve” could be more attentive when she came home from work...

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