Healing with Color: Lupus, Liver, and Life

Healing with Color: Lupus, Liver, and Life

As a child, I suffered many typical maladies: earaches, fevers, colds, etc. Despite that, I maintained a healthy, active lifestyle until my late twenties, when I developed both forms of the autoimmune deficiency disease Lupus.

My doctors advised me that, given the severity of both forms of Lupus, I would only live another six to eight years. As time went on, I managed to cope, but I constantly questioned myself: why did this happen to me? How would I provide for my children? And, at the edge of it all, a little voice asked, “Are my doctors right?”

After three years of suffering, yet functioning with my Lupus, I had an experience that changed my perception.

A Whole New World

I had a dream one night.

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A light appeared—within myself—enveloping the whole room. I can’t remember its exact origin inside, but it felt safe.

Father spoke to me, but not with words. Instead He spoke in color, in vibration, and in a way I was actually able to hear it—first blue, then white, and even a hint of blackness. They coursed through my body, each flashing and vanishing, only to be replaced by another. And yet, with each flash my body vibrated.

When I awoke that morning, part of me felt clearer—like a pot that’s been cleaned, or a car that’s been scrubbed, sanded, and painted. I sat down to meditate, closed my eyes, and took a deep, deep breath. Instinct drove me at that point.

I asked myself, “What color do I need to remove my Lupus?”

The colors flashed before me, and I sent each of them within myself, searching, waiting as they shook the sickness from my body. Yet despite the exercise, the rest of my day passed just as the days before it had passed—my muscles started to ache, my mind grew weak and foggy, and I experienced difficulty seeing.

Why had Father shown me this exercise if it wasn’t going to work?

Then I realized my mistake: the “issue in my tissue” was not Lupus, it was my lack of self-worth. I didn’t need to address my pain, or my disease, or any of those other things. I needed to increase my self-worth!

And so, yet again, I sat quietly, with my eyes closed, taking in deep breaths, relaxing my body completely, and asked myself, “What color do I need to increase my self-worth?”

Black is a Healing Color?

I expected vibrant colors to flash—beautiful whites, or sparkling green, or a subtle lilac. However, instead of seeing color, I heard a voice say, “Black.”

What? Black?

All sorts of misconceptions flooded in—black was evil, dark. Yet misconceptions are simply that, and I quickly realized that I needed frequency, not someone else’s description of color.

And so I simply trusted.

I breathed in through my nose and imagined blackness seeping through the bottom of my feet, up my body and out my mouth. For me, personally, I didn’t see it; I simply perceived it moving through my body. Ten minutes later, when I got up out of my meditation pose and began to walk around, I felt lighter, with more mental clarity.

The next day I asked again, “What color do I need to increase my self-worth?” And this time, I also asked, “What color do I need to remove my Lupus?”

It wasn’t just about the emotional, at that point, and part of me recognized that. Once my words and lack of self-worth had manifested into disease, they also needed to be addressed. And so I addressed them.

I felt better with each day that passed, and I haven’t experienced another active period since. My body felt good and comfortable, and all of my blood work was normal one year later, and continues to be so to this day.

Color Is One of Two Active Vibrations

Color works because it is an active vibration. There are two active vibrations in the universe: color and tone. All other vibrations—crystals, essential oils, reiki, etc.—while important, are passive, which means that they don’t have the frequency necessary to shake loose cellular memory.

I’ve used my form of ColorWorks and ToneWorks on over 100,000 people from around the world. It’s amazing to work with someone and, within ten minutes, have them feel totally different—to be clarified, to be out of pain.

What a simple process for such dramatic results!

Long-Time Anger Stored in the Liver

People always ask how my work applies to them. How is it made real? What does it really mean? Well, for all three of those questions, I can only show examples. The following story is from one of my first sessions, with a young man we’ll call William.

William felt pressure on his liver. He’d visited his physician, and they did a series of blood work, CAT scans, and ultrasounds, attempting to find the core issue. However, the results came back inconclusive, and after much discomfort and no solutions, William turned to alternative medicine.

We’d spent approximately twenty minutes on the phone. He told me about his life currently—personally, professionally, and physically. It was exactly what one would expect: a certain amount of success here, a stumbling block there, and nothing to indicate any type of serious illness.

His body told me a different story, and I asked him to talk about life growing up. Five years old—nothing. Eight years old—nothing. Ten, twelve, and fourteen—nothing. As he reached the age of sixteen, life was wonderful: he was captain of the football team; he owned his own car; he appreciated a great relationship with his parents; and he had a wonderful girlfriend. He continued on to seventeen, but the word stop was written across his liver.

“Go back,” I said. “Tell me again about sixteen.”

I could almost see him roll his eyes, but he again spoke of the relationship with his parents, his experiences on the football team, his shiny new car, and his girlfriend. His girlfriend. His girlfriend.

“Ahh,” I said. “Is that all that happened to you at sixteen?” His voice grew cold, hard. “What?”

“Exactly what happened to you six months ago, when the pressure began? Was there anything that stood out that you were frustrated and angry about?”

He was still angry, his words short and curt, but he played along. “Well, I was at a family picnic, having some quiet time with my sister, and she confessed that she’d had an abortion earlier in the year. She hadn’t told me about it. Me, her brother! She hadn’t taken me into her confidences, hadn’t let me help her through—”

I waited for him to calm down before I continued. “Could there be a correlation between your sister’s abortion and the abortion your girlfriend had when you were sixteen?”

Silence filled the phone.

“How could you have possibly known that? No one knows about that.”

“Your liver knows it. It’s where you stored the memory of your girlfriend having an abortion, without speaking to you, without asking how you felt about it, and you found out after the fact. Remember how angry you were? You stored it within your liver. In addition, when you found out about your sister having an abortion, and you not being informed, the anger that was already stored in your liver created more density. You can equate it to the straw that broke the camel’s back.”

He sputtered, obviously unsure if he should believe me. Worse than that, he probably didn’t know what to do if I was right.

The Healing Begins

I asked him to close his eyes. “What color does your body need to remove the anger from your liver?”

Again he was silent for a moment. “It’s . . . it’s similar to molasses, kind of a brownish color, but thick and heavy.”

“Breathe in through your nose. Imagine pulling the color through the bottom of your feet, into your body, up your calves and into your thighs, your hips, your abdomen and midsection, including your liver. Push the color out of your mouth.”

The colors changed as he did this—first the brown, then an oozing green, then a silent blue, and finally white with tinges of gray at the edges. It continued for a minute, then two, and then four.

I said, “Imagine white light seeping into all the pores of your body, just healing and cleansing, healing and cleansing. Now what color do you need to fully balance? It can be a rainbow, two or three colors, or simply one color.”

“I see a rainbow.”

“Bring it up through the bottom of your feet, just like we did before, through every piece of your body, and push it out through the top of your head.”

After an additional three minutes, I asked him to put the phone down and slowly walk around, taking what I like to call the walk of life, allowing his subtle energy field—his immune system—to re-balance and calibrate itself.

Afterwards, he told me his body felt light and fully flowing.

Ask and Ye Shall Receive

Using a very simple form of color, William was able to remove anger from his liver, and thereby remove the symptom. He continued his ColorWorks for another thirty days, even though he felt better; he had to reprogram his liver. I spoke to him eight years later, and though we’d worked just minutes on the telephone that day long ago, the pressure was still gone. He’d also learned how to express himself, and work in a more unconditional capacity. He was happy and content.

While this session was minor, others have been much more complex and yet have resulted in the same result. It’s important to recognize that your body will literally and exactly do everything that you ask of it.

One of the greatest metaphysical metaphors states that we are body, mind, and spirit. I agree, but I disagree with the hierarchy.

According to traditional thought, your spirit is the most vital aspect, because it is your soul, your higher self. You are your spirit. Your mind is the second most important, because it allows you to make choices, to think, to discern, to identify, to comprehend, to reason. Your body is simply the vehicle which houses those two.

I like to think of it differently.

I agree that my spirit is the most important piece, but my body is a close second, because it is the vehicle in which the soul speaks to me. And the mind? It’s the least important, for it allows me to fear. It tells me I’m not qualified, that I’m not capable, that something is out of my reach, out of my grasp, impossible. My body, though, will make literal truth out of everything I think and say. It doesn’t have discernment.

We must be careful what we wish for. We’ll always receive it, just rarely in the way we imagined.

©2014 by Patti Conklin. All Rights Reserved.
Reprinted with permission of the publisher: Rainbow Ridge Books.

Article Source:

God Within: The Day God's Train Stopped by Patti Conklin.

God Within: The Day God's Train Stopped
by Patti Conklin.

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PATTI CONKLIN, Ph.DPATTI CONKLIN, Ph.D. is a Medical Intuitive, a “Vibrational Intuitive” with exceedingly rare vision and the unique ability to pull disease out of the physical body. Patti is a lecturer and teacher of vibrational medicine: the method of improving health and wellness through the neutralization of “negative” vibrations in the cells of the body. She is an incredibly sensitive and perceptive individual and a highly sought-after International speaker who shares her exceptional abilities in her workshops and private practice. Visit her website at patticonklin.com

Watch a video with Patti Conklin, Medical Intuitive. 

Also, a video in which she speaks about the concepts in God Within: The Day God's Train Stopped.


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