Connecting with Your Dog, with Animal Guides, and with Being Happy

Connecting with Your Dog, with Animal Spirit Guides, and Being Happy

Growing up a very isolated little girl and only child, I very much functioned in a world that seemed, even to me, quite different from most children. Although the dogs were in the house frequently, they were indoor-outdoor dogs who spent a good amount of time in their kennels where they had heat lamps when it was cold. There were many days and nights when I would wander off to spend time playing with the dogs in their kennels until I fell asleep by their side. I was quite comfortable in their arena and spent almost all of my solitary time there.

I had more conversations with animals than I did with human beings. When I was upset or confused, I could somehow “hear and understand” what the dogs were saying back to me when I spoke to them. It was clear, crystal clear. Of course, I had no idea then about energy and definitely no idea of communication with forces outside the physical realm.

What I did know growing up was that my dogs had the ability to know what I needed before I did. And, that they catered to me on a very spiritual almost human-like plane. It was all I knew. I thought that was how life truly worked.

As I was a very creative little girl with a lot of alone time, I slowly discovered that the knowledge, connection, and energy that I had with animals gave me a lift energetically so that I could see and understand things that made life a little less difficult. I was more comfortable in how their energy flowed and how clean and clear it was. Whenever I heard what they were saying to me, it was never filled with chaotic detail or misleading emotions. It was always in the moment, clear, concise, and never false.

Working with Animal Guides

As I grew older, I started to identify and work with Spirit Guides, and was introduced to Animal Guides, a form of Spirit Guide. A Spirit Guide is a guide in the Metaphysical world that chooses you and works with you on a higher sensory plane. Historically, the use of Animal Guides dates as far back as the practice of Bon in Tibetan culture. These Spirit and Animal Guides allow me today to partner with them in my process of retrieving or removing obstacles in my energy work with animals and humans.

For many years I was asked here and there to listen to people’s animals, to distinguish and decipher what was going on. “What do the animals feel? What do they feel about their companions and their environment?” All too often the first kinds of questions I received included, “Does she like her brown dog bed, or would she rather have a green one?” I would always giggle because when those questions were asked, the dog’s energy would always say, “Is this really what we should be going over right now!” That is when I took a different approach to the process and made it a point to give the dog an equal stance with humans, and focus on what their real abilities were.

The problem was that for a long time, even into my adult years, I had a very hard time grasping my true purpose, and I found it difficult to identify who I was supposed to be. How does what I can do with my energy abilities equate to my life’s job or mission?

The struggle was incredible and the balancing act was often a losing battle. I found it easier to spend my time trying to ignore my purpose. Somewhat embarrassed, even boggled by how society viewed the whole concept, I was scared to take my avid “side job” and accept it as my main focus, my “real” work.

California Dreaming

I ended up in Hollywood, California spending my time in acting classes or working as a writer’s assistant. Yet, all the while, I knew I was running and in denial. My “real” work was coming from various entertainment industry professionals who heard that I had the ability to work with animals, and therefore I would be asked to spend time with some of theirs.

I began working with the energy between dogs and their companions, and via that energy along with my Spirit and Animal Guides, conveyed to them what everyone’s real purpose was together as a family. I identified the very serious and the not-so-serious elements. And each time I walked back to my car from a client visit, I would feel my most confident, comfortable, and secure.

I found I could move effortlessly in this newly created environment of reading the energy between humans and their animals. Being with animals put me in a place where I was always happy and at peace. I discovered my journey had always been laid out for me.

The Age Old Question: "How Will People View Me?"

Connecting with Your Dog, with Animal Spirit Guides, and Being HappyI am a firm believer in letting go of all preconceived notions and simply trusting. Trusting that if we all just relinquish that tight grip we have on what we believe should be, then the ride will always be much more pleasant. I say this from experience as I had been trying for so long to balance two different lives—the real life’s work where I felt at peace, and what I thought was the appropriate part of me to show to the public.

The real work was of course all my many years with animals on a metaphysical level; that is, to connect human beings with their animals using various forms of energy and also reconnecting the human being to himself, so that they are able to get back on track and discover their true journey through the process of that reconnection which, in turn, connects them to the Universe. What I wanted to bring to the public was a talented person who, in effect, was hiding her true talents and gifts. Would those gifts be accepted by a wider audience or would I be as isolated with them as I was growing up?

One day I was having a discussion with a friend of mine, who happens to be a producer, about production assistant jobs. She sat and stared at me very softly and said, “Can I speak candidly to you, Jocelyn?” I smiled and nodded “yes.” “Why aren’t you pursuing your work with energy and the animals? You have been doing that for so long and have quite a unique gift; why aren’t you writing or speaking about that?”

As the messenger she was meant to be for me, she looked directly into my eyes and asked, “Are you afraid or uncomfortable about how people will view you?” It was the age old question that ran through my mind my whole life. In that very moment I knew she was right. This was time for change.

My "Fear Energy" Wouldn't Allow Me To Move Forward

We are in an era that longs and craves for connection—to something, anything. Without real connection we are lost. When we are lost, destruction and chaos accumulate.

Animals are seen as a lower species, or as household pets, or simply creatures we don’t believe have a net worth that can be larger than what we humans presently give them. Animals hold a key that is far beyond what most of us can fathom. That knowledge has always been my mission. And only now have I decided to own it.

I am such a supporter of connection and finding one’s true identity, yet I had been doing a severe injustice to myself, to the animals, and to the special gift I was given. I didn’t want to “own” or really be friends with my true identity because I was afraid. For me, on a metaphysical level, that “fear energy” wouldn’t remotely allow me to move forward. It nearly completely shut off every other avenue of my life. That is, unless it was my energy work with clients and their animals. I made it harder on myself because I let that fear stop the natural flow of energy toward my true purpose. I was forced to identify it–and choose it. That choice led me here—to write this book.

Be in the Moment With Your Dogs: They Are Happy!

For fifteen years I had two beautiful Basset Hounds, Lucy and Lilly. They were my best friends, guides, and essentially part of my soul. When I would study various energy practices with wonderful teachers, I would come home and do my homework on them.

They radiated a nearly unimaginable light. When days were tough, I would clear my energy long before going home so as not to transfer it to the dogs. Yet, some days that was hard to do. When I finally stepped into the house, the dogs would run to me like they hadn’t seen me for weeks.

When I opened to their energy and was in the moment with them, their energy told me, “We clearly know this was not a good day for you, but you are home now, and it is time to be in THIS moment with us. We are happy!” Literally, it was that easy. That is the truth, and it is right in front of you.

That is what I love about animals. They show us that it is okay to go back to our core nature, which is true raw emotion in the moment. They don’t whine, “I don’t want to be happy right now because ten bad things happened today and maybe ten more will happen tomorrow.”

We have lost sight of that core truth. It’s okay to be happy, truly happy, from the gut happy, in the blink of an eye, even if times are horrid. I know it sounds almost inconceivable to some, but that is what an animal can do for us every day of their lives and every day of our lives with them.

Every Human Being Can Connect and Listen To Their Dog

Lucy and Lilly were my true educators through many years. As my gifts as a sensitive, an energy reader, and a soul healer got stronger, their guidance is what got me through the toughest moments. When I saw them demonstrating a feeling that was unnatural for them, I immediately looked to myself. When I did that, I saw without a doubt that it was something I was producing and had thrown onto them energetically. Once I was able to identify it, I let it go and, in turn, so did they. They always kept me very aware of myself.

I write this to illustrate that even though I possess certain capabilities that allow me to do my work with animals and humans in an in-depth way, every human being can connect and listen to their dog in a capacity that can profoundly change both their life and the life of their dog.

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