Essential for Good Health: Including Our Mental–Spiritual Needs

An Essential Ingredient for our Good Health: Including The Mental–Spiritual Needs of Our Being (illustration: Anne Heng)

“The languorous hush of the organs” – that is how H. G. Gadamer defined health. [The Enigma of Health] However, healing moves beyond this. Beyond the absence of physical and psychological discomforts, “being whole” is an experience or a state of being in which we are in touch with our deepest inner being. It is a lifelong process with many paths and one of these paths touches on the body and its organs. With what they have to tell us they enrich us: with self-respect, with the discovery of our potential, with a wonderful inner attunement and, of course, also with health.

In our habitual thinking we forget far too easily that everything in the body works cooperatively, that the same blood provides nourishment for the tips of the toes as well as the roots of the hair and that all nooks of our body are linked through the autonomic nervous system, which embraces a length of about ten circumferences of the earth.

Furthermore, we live with the notion that occupying ourselves with that which is lacking or disturbed and not functioning is the only way in which health and healing works. But our body does not work like a steam engine, where we operate a valve and then the part that we expect to move does so.

We are a complex system of body and soul in which linear modes of thought and simple mechanisms of cause and effect will bring us no success; in which such simplistic models just do not suffice. This is also exactly where modern medicine reaches its limits, since it consistently excludes the mental–spiritual needs of our being.

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Invitation of The Elemental Beings: Holistically Per­ceiving, Sensing, Observing – Experiencing!

The elemental beings invite us to shift our perspective and to experience our organs differently. Freed from a purely material way of thinking, in this mode we can understand and orient ourselves towards the healing field of life. This mode is nothing like thinking, as we usually know it; it’s more a holistic perceiving, sensing, observing – experiencing!

If we can connect with an organ’s essence, a seed in us that we have neg­lected for far too long begins to regerminate. With its growth a basic knowl­edge of the spiritual roots of the organs unfolds, a consciousness that teaches us a renewed mindfulness for our body, and through this mindfulness – once it fully blossoms – we find our very own inner life force.

If we follow this invitation of the elemental beings we arrive at a dialogue with the deep levels of our being. In this we activate the spiritual blueprints of the organs and thus access, so to speak, the “updates” to our spiritual “organ software”. Thus we arrive at a deeper appreciation of our body. This is an essential ingredient for our good health.

Getting In Touch With Ourselves and The Forces Inherent In Us

Nevertheless, this does not mean to disregard medicine or neglect naturopathy. The knowledge about the nature of the organs that we would like to convey in this book is no simple new healing method that promises us health and a long life. We cannot condense it into pills and take it occasionally or when needed. It is more a way of getting in touch with ourselves and the forces inherent in us.

When we consider the human being in his or her entirety as a physical-spiritual unity, all healing methods have their place. Then every health trade or skill becomes an art of healing. With our awareness of the elemental beings of our organs we open up spiritual spaces in our consciousness, spaces for new things to happen. This can lead to miracles – although we should not actively expect them.

It would be just as wrong to hope for our rheumatism, stomach ulcers or cancer to be healed. All these illnesses are complex processes that we cannot “defeat” but only put in order, in tune with ourselves and our inherent nature. What medicine and individuals mostly focus on at present though is man­aging the disturbances and problems of health conditions – the symptoms. In this we do not allow enough room for the self-healing properties that we all possess.

If we open ourselves to the nature of our organs, we can change our attitude and find an inner equilibrium through which we can bal­ance the stresses of our existence.

This balance is what we generally call “health”. Furthermore, on this path that also includes spiritual exploration, a state of “being whole” can unfold, since through opening up to the elemental beings of the organs we get in touch with the basic levels of our being. In such a connection we experience “being at home” in our body as much as in our soul. Sometimes we feel the spiritual soul fields of the organs’ elemental beings directly. Then we perceive them as something like an angel – we are filled with a bright flowing – or we experience our body as the origin of pure joy.

Stop, where are you running? Heaven is within you.
If you look for God elsewhere you miss him completely.
                                   -- Angelus Silesius: The Cherubinic Wanderer

Organs Are Condensed Consciousness of Love

An Essential Ingredient for our Good Health: Including The Mental–Spiritual Needs of Our Being (illustration: Anne Heng)Only a consciousness, i.e. a cognitive awareness of oneself, can maintain the regulations of life functions in which about ten million body cells are sub­stituted each second. Interesting as well that each organ knows exactly when it has enough cells and which overall form as organ these cells are supposed to build. But how does the organ know that? An answer to these questions of life is still owed us by conventional medical science.

We are at the deepest level connected with everything. We can see this just by looking at our blood and other bodily fluids; they are composed of miner­als and trace elements in the same ratio as the seawater in our oceans. We can equally clearly read our affiliation to the universe in the vibrations through which we are woven into the biological system of our earth: Our body shows a basic resonance of 7–13 hertz. The same frequency, the so-called Schumann resonance, can be found in our brainwaves when we are relaxed. The crust as well as the ionosphere of our earth pulsate in this same fre­quency.

Thus we can see that we are in an optimal interaction with the conscious­ness field of the earth; and with the whole of existence. From the orbits of the two electrons in the hydrogenatom to the human being the calibrations became more and more complex and expansive. Each evolutionary step has been able to combine within itself more comprehensive and more complex conditions. At this point current science re-con­nects with the paradoxes of the mystics of the past, who said that the world is perfect at all times and that at the same time it is always striving towards even greater perfection.

If we go further and search for the roots of the matter, we discover sooner or later that the whole of existence is based not on matter but on a spiritual principle. This is true for the windowpane as much as for the stone and also for our “I am” or our identity, as well as for our body with its organs and cells. This spiritual principle connects everything in its creative force, and goes beyond cells, molecules, electromagnetic fields and even space and time. It is a form of intelligence that lives within us, a consciousness of love.

Out of this source the elemental beings of the organs are energized too. They ensure that the universal vibrations in our body can construct them­selves into organs with their manifold physical and spiritual functions. Seen in this way, our organs are condensed love.

The first drink from the cup of science creates atheists;
but at the bottom of the cup God is waiting.
[Paracelsus, 1493-1541]

Inviting The Organs’ Elemental Beings Into Our Life

The topic of organs and their elemental beings inevitably touches again and again on different modes of healing. In order to prevent misunderstand­ings: Even when we engage with the organs in this form we will not be spared the occasional experience of illness. Through our “willing participation in the maelstrom of life” we sometimes need pointers and support in recover­ing our inner wisdom.

The difference from conventional medicine’s way of handling illness, though, lies in lovingly connecting with the organs and their elemental beings, and asking them what they need in order to rediscover their optimal calibration with the consciousness fields of body and universe. Healing is hereby not at all a passive process or restricted to one human level. It is a path on which we support our body mentally–spiritually, energetically, natur­opathically and also with conventional medicine. Linked to this are a turning towards the inner and an opening up to the loving intelligence of our body.

In this way the organs’ beings can unfold their magnificent capacities, without being burdened by the contradictions of the mind and detached from the constraints that we have imposed upon ourselves. Inviting the organs’ elemental beings into our life in this way does not make medicine redundant; it simply makes it more humane and awards a new dignity to everyone involved.

©2012 by Ewald Kliegel, Anne Heng. All Rights Reserved.
Reprinted with permission of the publisher,
Findhorn Press.

This article was adapted with permission from the book:

Let Your Body Speak: The Essential Nature of Our Organs
by Ewald Kliegel.
  (Illustrations by Anne Heng)

Let Your Body Speak: The Essential Nature of Our Organs by Ewald Kliegel.Featuring stunning colour illustrations of the energy of human organs and other body parts, this book is perfect for anyone interested in learning about the self-healing properties of the body and the psychic, emotional, and physical elements central to existence. The book provides a deeper understanding of the wider psychological function of each organ, including eyes, hands, hips, knees, shoulders, spine, and teeth, and explains how they act in concert within the body. The illustrations further enhance how to receive the message of each organ on an intuitive level, and a chart of healing crystals corresponding with each organ brings further information on how to interact with the organs energetically.

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Ewald Kliegel, author of "Let Your Body Speak: The Essential Nature of Our Organs"About the Authors

Ewald Kliegel is a massage therapist and naturopath who specializes in reflexology. He has personally developed a stylized, icon-based method of drawing reflexology systems, which has been adopted all over the world. He is the author of Crystal Wands.

Anne Heng is a painter, an illustrator, and an awareness teacher. She uses a special technique of painting on silk and has exhibited her work in Germany and abroad. She illustrated the book, The Tree Angel Oracle.

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