The First Principle of Healing: Love Is The True Healer

The First Principle of Healing: Love Is The True Healer
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It was in 1990 that the idea came to me to write an encyclopedia dealing with the metaphysical causes of ailments and diseases, and it was in 1991 that I started working on it. At that time, I hadn’t anticipated the tremendous sum of work that was awaiting me. And fortunately so, for if I had known it then, I believe I would never have engaged in this project. But I said to myself: “One thing at a time! I’ll get there; I’m going to work until I’m satisfied enough with the results to publish this book.”

There exist several approaches to obtaining optimal health, all of them important, each of them acting in some way on all the aspects of our beings. In 1996 I saw a report on television about a hospital, the Columbia- Presbyterian Hospital in New York City, mentioning the case of a patient, Mr. Joseph Randazzo, who was to be operated on for three coronary bypass procedures. This patient benefited from sessions of visualization, energy and reflexology treatments before his operation. During the operation he benefited from energizing treatments. After his operation, this same patient again took part in visualization sessions and received energizing and reflexology treatments to allow him to recover more quickly.

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These interventions were fruitful because the patient recuperated much more rapidly after this operation than another patient would have under the usual conditions. The attending physician, Dr. Mehmet Oz, explained that he was conducting such an experiment on 300 of his patients in order to analyze the results of adding these alternative therapies to the conventional medical treatment.

The Many Roads Leading to Healing

In my case, I have experienced operations, traditional medicine, medications, acupuncture, energy treatments, divination, naturopathy, massage, colour therapy, dietetics, vitamin therapy, Dr. Bach’s floral essences, chiropractic, orthotherapy, iridology, psychotherapy, rebirth (conscious breathing), homeopathy, etc. I know that if a technique were valid for everyone, it would be the sole existing technique. But such is not the case, because of all the animals on this planet, human beings are the species with the most possibilities but also the greatest complexity.

That is the reason why I must try to understand by myself what I am experiencing, including, when the need arises, by requesting the help of others in their respective domains of competence. An American writer, Paul Twitchell, wrote one day: “One must learn from those who know”. That is how I must seek out the best of what is available in each profession.

When I am facing a physician, I tell myself that he knows more than I do about medicine, and that I must pay attention to what he is telling me and suggesting to me, leaving me free to then choose my orientation. Similarly, when I am facing an acupuncturist, I pay attention to what he is telling me or suggesting as a treatment, because he knows more than I do about the functioning of energy balancing amongst my meridians. And the same goes as well for all the other professions.

To Believe or Not To Believe...

The other day, a lady told me that she didn’t believe in all these stories about thoughts and emotions being related to illnesses. I answered that it was not necessary to believe in them. After someone had read to her some texts related to certain ailments and diseases that she had previously suffered from or still had herself, we noted that her attitude had changed and that she had now become more receptive to this approach.

In fact, there is an inner part of me that knows what is going on and that what is being said about me fits with what I am experiencing and that this is not a mere chance occurrence. We must be careful here: I must not feel guilty about what is happening to me and I must not believe that what I’m being told means that it’s my own fault if I’m sick.

I am responsible for what happens to me but, in most cases, it is not my fault. It is our lack of awareness of the laws that regulate the links between our thoughts and emotions and our physical bodies that leads us to experience situations of ailments and diseases. I must therefore become aware of the trajectory of my personal progression or, in the broadest sense, of my spiritual development. 

Love Is The Only Healer

In places where I have found little or no love, I must rediscover that love was present there nevertheless. Not obvious, you may reply! But that is the way it is. If I throw myself down from a balcony and break a leg, shall I then say that God punished me? In fact, there does exist a law, called gravity, which tends to ‘bring me down to earth’. This law is neither good nor bad, it’s the law of gravity. Even if I rail and rage against this law, for it’s because of it that I broke my leg, this will change nothing in the law, because the law is the law. Thus, all illnesses are explained by a lack of love.

It is said that love is the only healer. But if this is true, should it not be enough to simply give love to then see healing occur? This is true, in certain cases. In fact, it is as though love has to enter through certain doors for healing to occur, through those very doors that were closed off from love when previous injuries were sustained. That is quite a vast field for discovery and for broadening one’s awareness!

The aim of this book is not to directly provide solutions for my ailments and diseases, but rather to help me become aware of the fact that the ailment or disease I am experiencing originates from my thoughts and my emotions and that, on that basis, I can then choose the means I feel to be the most appropriate to bring about changes in my life.

However, the mere fact of knowing where my ailment or my disease comes from can sometimes suffice to bring about changes in my physical body. In certain cases, the positive change can reach 50% and sometimes even as far as 100%, or complete healing.

I sincerely believe that each one of us can take ourselves in hand more or less autonomously and that each one of us can achieve a higher degree of wisdom, love and freedom! We all deserve this.

The only true power I have is my power over myself: I am the creator of my own life. The more aware I am, the more able I’ll be to achieve the appropriate changes. 

Testimonial: I Accept My Healing

Becoming aware of who I am and of what I am becoming is always very exciting when my discoveries about myself and others are beautiful and positive. What happens, however, when the discoveries that result from a personal self-exploration of any sort lead me to see hidden facets of myself and make me become aware of ailments and diseases that have happened to me or that probably took place within my body?

This is what happened throughout these past few years, when I realized that diseases had subtly taken hold in me because of poorly managed emotions and that, by learning to re-harmonize this whirlwind of all sorts of emotions that inhabited me, I could acquire a healing power over any ailment or any disease that I had allowed to take over as king and master in my Temple of Flesh.

Of course, accepting to reclaim the responsibility for my own health has been a long process of introspection involving a questioning of my values and, most especially, has given me the certainty that I have the power to heal myself.

We have all been ‘sick’ at least once in our lives, and the fact of dissecting the causes of an illness that affects us, or affects someone close to us, enables us to detach and distance ourselves from it (in the sense of seeing an illness in a positive way and disengaging ourselves from the negative hold we have allowed it to have on us), and become the witnesses rather than the victims of all these ailments.

May each and all of us become more and more autonomously independent, more and more capable of recognizing the sources giving rise to the ailments and diseases that affect, or could affect us. This recognition and acknowledgment will serve as a means of prevention and will bring about the necessary changes in our lives in order to reclaim our health. This is an extraordinary complement that is now adding itself to the numerous techniques that already exist, in the traditional as well as the new medicine, and is proving to be essential not only for healing at the physical level, but also at the level of the heart (of love), where true healing takes place...

To your good health!
Lucie Bernier, Therapist and co-author

Principles of Healing

Here are some principles to help understand some of the mechanisms involved in the manifestation of diseases and healing. Each principle can be read individually or together along with the others listed below.

• Love is the true healer.

• Being 100% certain that I can heal will help the healing to happen.

• Illness is the brain’s solution to lower the conscious or unconscious psychological stress.

• As soon as there is a solution, the conflict is eliminated, and the psychological overstress can be released.

• Stress results from the emotional conflict I experience and can trigger the disease.

• As diseases are programmable, consciously or unconsciously, they can also be de-programmed.

• Knowledge liberates and love helps with healing.

• The resolution of the conflict and the certainty of healing are important keys to complete healing.

• Illness is a message of love to understand. I remain open to discover this message.

• The conflicts that are inside of me can cause an over stress.

• An illness is usually the biological transposition of a conscious or unconscious psychological conflict.

• Psychological stress is an internal conflict that I experience, either regarding a facet of myself, another person or a situation.

• An inner conflict results from a feeling of a lack of love at the heart ♥ level.

• All illness often comes from stress, conscious or unconscious.

• It helps to understand the emotions, thoughts or feelings I am experiencing that can have led me to manifest an illness.

• When I identify the emotion that is causing my stress, it shows me what I need to work on to eliminate it.

• It is important to keep my mind and heart ♥ open and to accept ↓♥ in my heart ♥ that I have something to understand through this illness (and not that I agree to be sick!)

• When I say THANK YOU in my heart ♥ to what is happening, I keep my heart ♥ open.

• I need to put the guilt aside!

• When I reintroduce love into a situation and heal, I find myself with more love, wisdom and freedom.

• Everything is possible! So, if I truly believe, I will seek and probably find a solution.

• Love is the true healer.

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Article Source

The Encyclopedia of Ailments and Diseases: How to Heal the Conflicted Feelings, Emotions, and Thoughts at the Root of Illness
by Jacques Martel

The Encyclopedia of Ailments and Diseases: How to Heal the Conflicted Feelings, Emotions, and Thoughts at the Root of Illness by Jacques MartelCompiling years of research and the results of thousands of cases he encountered in his private practice and during workshops over the past 30 years, Jacques Martel explains how to read and understand the body’s language of disease and imbalance. In this encyclopedia, he shows how body language reveals specific thoughts, feelings, and emotions that are at the source of nearly 900 different ailments and diseases. 

This comprehensive manual offers a tool to help each of us become, to some extent, our own doctor or therapist, get to know ourselves better, and recover health and well-being physically, emotionally, mentally, and spiritually. For practitioners and therapists, this remarkable reference tool provides invaluable insights and prompts for healing.

For more info and/or to order this book, click here.

About the Author

Jacques MartelJacques Martel is an internationally known therapist, trainer, and speaker. A pioneer in the field of personal development, he has created new methods and practical exercises that allow deep and permanent emotional and spiritual transformations.

He is the founder of ATMA International Publishing, an organization committed to helping and accompanying people in their personal development and spiritual journey. He lives in Quebec, Canada.

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