The Great Deception: Finding Your True Heart

The Great Deception: Finding Your True Heart

It always seems strange to me that when I go to a sporting event in a large stadium and they play the national anthem, almost everyone in the crowd stands up and supposedly holds their hand over their heart, off to the side of their chest. The same thing happens when you go into a classroom today and see the children saying the Pledge of Allegiance to the flag while holding their hands over a spot on the side of their chests, thinking that is where their heart is.

But wait a minute! That's not where our heart is at all. Our heart is in the exact center of our chest. No matter what the doctors, teachers, sports enthusiasts, or children tell you, your heart is in the middle, just as if your body was aligned on a cross. The exact center point where the horizontal and vertical points meet is where the heart of your heart sits. I've even spoken with young children about this, and they will swear that their heart is off-center. When I asked them how they knew that to be true, they said that their teacher told them so.

The Great Deception: Where Does Your Heart Lie?

The Great Deception: Finding Your True Heart So what is the purpose in deceiving so many people from a very young age about the correct placement of their heart? It is because our heart is a very special focal point. It is where we connect to all the Love in the Universe. However, if we can't find it or think it is somewhere it isn't, then it becomes harder for us to come into contact with the true Love of God. And it is much easier for us to be controlled.

It sounds crazy, but on a very subtle level, when we lose track of the location of our heart, it becomes more difficult for us to send and receive Love. But now we are begin­ning to see through all of the deceptions that are constantly being per­petrated upon humanity, and we are finding our hearts and all the Love that resides there.

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For it is in the center of our heart where all of the things we search for, where all of the treasures we travel far and wide to find, where all of the successes we toil for lifetimes to achieve, and where the most sacred sites and the sweetest feelings available to us can be found. For those who are still skeptical, I suggest that you hold your undivided attention on the center of your chest for awhile and see what happens.

Change of Perception, Change of Consciousness

The Great Deception: Finding Your True Heart The change that is upon us is one of perception. Our perceptions are being enhanced, our intuitions are awakening, our third eyes are dilating, our hearts are open­ing. It is a change of consciousness, of the way we look at the world, of the world itself appearing fundamentally different to us than it does today.

We are shifting into another dimension and, when the dust settles, life will be akin to the feeling you had when you were young; playing with your neighborhood friends around sunset, and your mother calling out and saying that it was time for you to come inside. You were having so much fun. . . . Then your mother remembered there wasn't any school tomorrow, so she yelled out from the back door that you and your friends could stay out and play for as long as you like.

Remember that? Having so much fun that you didn't want it to end — ever? That's the way life is supposed to be, and that is the feeling the new world offers to us.

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